Cloudpap Drive


Cloudpap Drive – No BS, Backup Solution for Real People


Migration of websites from one host to another can be super hectic. Presumably hosts using the same technology should make the situation much bearable. WHM Cpanel is one of the most widely used control panel among web hosting companies. Website owners expect that as long as former host and new host are using Cpanel, then transfer is just a matter of a few clicks.

Shockingly this is partially wrong, Cpanel configurations within servers and other security configuration often prevent Cpanel to Cpanel transfer of websites between servers. Website owners feel frustrated especially by their former host for the fact that they can’t just move out in minutes


How about Cloudpap Drive facilitating near instantaneous transfer of website across Cpanel hosts. – the only thing you need to ensure is the new host support Cloudpap Drive in their Cpanel, then take a few minutes restoring your website.



Do you have a backup of your website..? Not sure – but your host guarantee 30 days backup option – what if the host itself went under..? like bankrupt, like hacked, like legal embargo

Imagine starting your website afresh? – Designing, creating content, Search engine Optimization – real hectic.



Cloudpap Drive presents a unique value preposition for both Web hosting /cloud companies and website owners.

For hosting companies across the world.

Cloudpap Drive provides an offsite real-time backup solution that can allow server to server transfer or server restore – No more emergencies as result of server failures.

No Technical jargons and BS, simple solution for real and busy people

For Website Owners

Cloudpap Drive is the tool you have been looking for.

Your host could lie about the 30 days of backup; they could lack the capacity to provide the backup option when needed. May be the website backup on their servers could be out of data.

Cloudpap Drive provides realtime backup option for your website, away from your host. Your just need to login with your CloudPap drive credentials and realtime offsite backup will be on.

If anything happen to your host – may be they just closed your account with no explanation – like some big host company do – you don’t need to be worried.

Getting your site back is as simple as getting to the next host, log in to Cloudpap Drive and click Restore.

No Technical jargons and BS, simple solution for real and busy people