Olitt Free Website Builder – Why it’s Phenomenal

Olitt Free Website Builder – Why it’s Phenomenal

Just got a tip off from Ryanada that mid this month, something cool is going down. The launch of Olitt Free Website Builder. This is what we know about Olitt Website Builder or is it Olitt.com.

Olitt (from their website) is a platform for startups, entrepreneurs, app developers, Saas providers looking to launch their ideas online swiftly without writing a single line of code.

Its one platform that provides all the tools needed to launch a landing page or a simple stunning website in under 10 minutes.


Olitt Free Website Builder Tools

Cheapest domain names

Surprisingly Olitt has the cheapest domain name prices in the market. The prices appear to be markup free. The prices are way much cheaper that domain name prices at Godaddy.com. Here is a simple comparison.
.COM domain name costs $8.49 at Olitt.com and $11.99 at Godaddy.com. Buying .COM domain name at Olitt.com will save you $3.5.
.NET domain name costs $11.29 at Olitt.com and $14.99 at Godaddy.com. Buying a .NET domain name at Olitt saves you $3.70.
Is there a particular reason why anyone would want to overspend and overpay for a domain by $3.5..?


Free Websites

Olitt is a free Website Builder, which allows anyone to create a cool website without writing a single line of code. Average website creation time at Olitt is 5 minutes.

Olitt has hundreds of prebuilt website templates which act as building blocks for your new website. Additionally Olitt provides several abstract blocks and images that can be dragged into the prebuilt website.

The free website at Olitt is probably better than the output of a developer or a designer working for a week.

Free Landing Pages

Some of the best landing pages ever seen are at Olitt. Olitt has landing pages for just any use case. If you are looking for a coming soon landing page, Olitt has got it.

In case you looking for a Website under construction landing page? Find it at Olitt.com

Are you looking to get visitors subscribe for updates from your landing page, Olitt has integrated with MailChimp to allow Subscription from the landing page.

Contact form? Olitt landing page have provision for contact form, this is an integration powered by MailChimp.

How about payments? If you are looking to collect payments, sell a product or service through landing page, Olitt has integrated with Paypal, Card Checkout and Mobile Money Services to allow payment collection on Olitt landing pages or websites.

Free SSL gateway

Every Website and landing page at Olitt comes with a free SSL certificate at no additional cost. Free SSL certificate is powered by Lets Encrypt and therefore it has the highest browser compatibility both on mobile and desktop.

Free CDN

Surprisingly, every website and landing page including free website and landing page are connected to a reliable Global CDN Network. After research, we can confirm that Olitt Websites are powered by a CDN service provider with more than 42 PoPs in the 5 continents. This is quite big deal for anyone looking for fast page loads

Free Domain Connect

Unlike all other website builders that we have tried including Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Site123, Webnode, Squarespace; Olitt allow free Domain connect. This means you can go live with a custom domain at no additional cost. There is no other Website Builder platform that allow users to connect a domain on the free package.

Edge Websites

Edge Websites, 42 CDN around the world means your website is an edge website, visitors can access your website or landing page fast from any of the 42 PoPs powered by anycast DNS.

Free DNS Management

This is one of the best feature, Olitt provide a free DNS Management tool that is only rivaled by Cloudflare DNS. Allow addition of unlimited domain names. Olitt supports all the popular DNS record types.

Look out for the Olitt.com launch mid this month, you can also try out Olitt Website Builder Beta before the official launch. Do not forget to get your Lifetime Account on the Launch date!.


Digital Skills Marketplace

Value addition presented by Truehost Marketplace

To the Developer

  1. Allow highlighting of your profile and portfolio
  2. A pool of jobs to bid for
  3. Present a review system that allow you tobenefit from positive reviews by your client
  4. Mediation in the unlikely case of a dispute
  5. A ranking system that allow you to grow withevery successful project delivery
  6. An escrow service to receive payments on your behalf – just to make sure the client is fully committed to the project.
  7. Marketing and advertising to attract more jobs.
  8. Accreditation certificate of competence that can be used in job and project application.

To the Client

  1. A pool of developers from who to award yourproject to
  2. Ability to split your project into multiple parts and assemble a team to deliver it
  3. An escrow service to hold your funds as a developer or team is working to deliver – payment only released when you are satisfied with the job
  4. A passive project supervision at Truehost marketplace
  5. Mediation in the unlikely case of a dispute

How much do Truehost Marketplace Charge

  1. It’s free to register as a client and list a project
  2. It’s free to register, build a portfolio and bid for a project
  3. Escrow service charges 5% as funds and project handling fees

Visit Truehost Marketplace for details

Cloudpap partners with Acronis

Cloudpap partners with Acronis to provide Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions

Cloudpap has announced a partnership with Singapore based Cloud Company Acronis. Acronis is market leader in cloud backup, recovery and disaster recovery solutions.

The partnership will see Cloudpap adopt Acronis platform and engineer a hybrid solution that meets the need of the Small and Medium enterprises.

Some of the hybrid solution developed by Cloudpap include Personal Vault which is a cloud solution that allow a provision to backup and store smartphone data, Workstation data and CCTV footage data. The solution is cross platform and therefore can work with any Operating system – Ios, Windows, Linux, Android etc.

Cloudpap has both personal option and business option of the hybrid cloud solutions. Partnership allow Cloudpap to offer some of the following solutions.

  • Backup and Recovery of Virtual Machines
  • Backup and recovery of Servers
  • Backup and Recovery of MSSQL
  • Backup and Recovery of Workstations
  • Backup and Recovery of Smartphones
  • Backup and Recovery of Office 365
  • Business storage and collaboration platform for teams.

Truehost Cloud Nigeria Launch Covered

Truehost Cloud Nigeria as covered by South African Tech News Hub

Kenya’s Truehost Cloud, a cloud computing startup, has opened an office in Nigeriaand launched its operations in the West Afrikan country. The launch in Nigeria now means that Truehost Cloud has presence in East, Southern and West Afrika.

Truehost Cloud offers free web hosting, SSL certificates, as well as other services such as domain names registration, virtual servers, and cloud services licenses.

“The move marks a step towards dominating the Afrikan market, which has seen Truehost Cloud expanding to reach Southern and West Africa, after successful penetration of the Eastern Afrikan market. The company offers free web hosting to Afrikan startups, which has seen it grow its market share of web hosting business. It also recently introduced free SSL certificates in a bid to raise encryption levels of data coming from its networks, and in line with global practices that have seen internet browsers and search engines distrust websites without SSL certificates.”

Importance of local data centers

Apart from Nigerian citizens and organizations being able to use international hosting services like AWS, Azure and Digital Ocean, the country has several locally based startups that Truehost Cloud will have to likely compete with. These include startups such as WhoGoHost which is reported have over 50,000 small businesses as clients in Nigeria.

Beyond competing with other local data center service providers across Afrika, having locally hosted servers on the continent is important. Apart from getting local support and issues such as latency, having local data centers speaks to improving Afrikan countres data sovereignty and, in a way, avoiding mistakes of many decades ago where Afrika was a mostly consumer continent and not a manufacturer or value added services provider.

Truehost Cloud has said that its Nigerian office will offer localized support to the West Afrikan market, which has steadily been growing, with the startup saying it already serves over 1,000 users in the region.

“It will also make it easier for users in the region to have access to low latency servers, designed specifically by Truehost Cloud to server the West Afrikan market.”



Truehost Cloud: Free Webhosting Offer

Truehost Cloud is offering a free introductory price to start ups. Aimed at getting client to evaluate Truehost Cloud Platformrisk free. Truehost Cloud is offering the free cloud service in Africa – Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Southern Africa and West Africa.

Some of the features on the package include:

  • Upto 500MB of disk space

  • 10GB bandwidth

  • 1 Email Account

  • 1 Database

  • Feature Rich Cpanel Account

  • One click upgrade option to premium package



Jisort Microfinance ERP // Sacco ERP

Jisort is supporting thousands of clients from Saccos, MFIs, Lending Organizations, Chamas and other financial institutions . Check out Jisort Cloud Microfinance ERP or Sacco Management System.



Cloudpap Cloud Servers Offer

Get into the cloud under $5 per month. Check out this amazing offer

Cloudpap 1

1 Core Processor
2.4 GHz Speed
20GB SSD Disk
Local RAID 10
Openstack KVM
Unlimited – 100Mbps Bandwidth
1 IP4 IP Address Allow upto 15 extra IP Address
Anti-DDoS Pro Protection
99.97% SLA

Get the Offer

Truehost Cloud + Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Partnership

Truehost Cloud has launched free SSL certificates for all the clients’ services, partnering with Let’s Encrypt to provide one click installer on clients cloud accounts and servers.

Try out free Let’s Encrypt SSL for your websites.

The SSL certificate is a Wild card SSL certificate availale to services at Truehost Cloud.