Jisort is a platform that allow MFIs, Microfinance Institutions, SACCOs, Credit Unions, Lending Organizations to Reach, Appraise, Lend, Disburse Microloans to the People. Jisort for borrowers is accessible through a mobile app accessible from the app stores


Start lending now – all you need is the money to lend – Jisort provides the borrowers and technology to manage them. Lenders including SACCOs, Microfinance Institutions, MFIs, Welfare Groups, Banks, Community Banks, Credit Unions, Lending Companies, and Chamas have a new digital platform to serve their existing clients and members conveniently, timely and cost effectively. Lenders have also utilized Jisort to expand their reach and lend to a wider pool of high quality borrowers specially appraised by a world class innovative technology called Jscore. Jscore can be simply described as an aggregate credit scoring generated from an individual’s financial history and social data. Rich and consistent data on an individual leads to higher Jscore.


Jisort for borrowers

A financial digital marketplace providing the most fair and transparent financial facilities. Jisort pools several lenders to one pool, this creates competition on the platform and leads to the most competitive financial credit facilities for member of public.

At Jisort, there is dignity in borrowing – no more knowing and begging for service – Jisort provides the Water Tap Credit Financing models based or innovative and proprietary credit scoring – Jscore. At Jisort, no more collateral – just your Jscore which keep on growing as opposed to collateral which keep on depreciating.

Why Jisort?

jisort  for Lenders is a robust platform that allow financial partners MFIs, small banks, microfinance institutions, credit unions, lending organizations, Insurance companies, SACCOs and other Cooperatives to create their financial products, publish them to the people and receive applications.

Appraise applicants, lend/offer the service, disburse and manage the transactions.

The platform evolved from Esacco and continues to evolve to serve need of the financial institutions.

Jisort Features

quality Information consultancy is a key feature of Jisort, which makes it serve customers. the customer retention has improved for ryanada

Information Consultancy Services

jisort integrates Client Payment Module, which is effective in ensuring mobile banking and easy loan processing.

Jisort services​

jisort has the provision of enhancing financial independence of not only an individual but also a group of people. therefore, ehnancing financial independence serves as the main service of Jisort

Finance independence

Modular pricing allow organization to use Jisort on Pay as You go Basis – Pay for what you need ONLY. Jisort serves Startups, Growing, Large and Giant Finance Institution – we power your dreams at Jisort.

Better Pricing policies

Loan Mobile Application

Jisort facilitates high loan processing by providng a system that is easy to use and meet the consumer needs

Instant Loans

Jisort aims at creating convenience in loan application . instant loans contribute to more consumer for a business.

Support features

among other key features and services offered by jisort include Property Management Module and Human Resource and Payroll Module